Jason Harwood

The simple steps to happier habits

Start and stick to the habits that will bring happiness into your life.

3 Simple Steps to Habit Consistency

habit consistency is simple

Even if it isn't easy!

Happily Ever Habits is a movement to get happier results in your life regardless of the circumstances. The 3 steps of habit creation are grounded in science and real-world research to transform your results by sticking to happier habits.

habits for happiness and growth

Jason works with companies who have big dreams and lots of ideas, but get stuck. Stuck in patterns of inconsistency and low productivity. With staff that are often dissatisfied.


What if we could unlock your organization’s potential to see what’s actually possible as individuals and as a company?

Keynote speaker on habits, happiness, productivity, and leadership

Internationally-recognized thought leader, habit, and leadership keynote speaker, Jason Harwood shares a proven system to allow you and your team do just that. Having fun all the way through!

There’s so much more that’s possible for all of us, and Jason will show you the proven keys to creating the consistent habits that bring happiness.


"I have been in

business for over 40 years and I thought I was a little too long in the tooth to go to a

keynote like this. It turns out that I found the information extremely interesting useful and

applicable to my business. "

Wes, W. Harris, G.S.C., Inc.

"Since hearing Jason, I have found a new passion and direction for my business and feel excited for

the next 10 years"

Danielle, Sona Events

Jason makes mundane topics very entertaining and interesting. His charisma is

infectious, and I enjoy listening to his wisdom sprinkled in with a big smile and

hearty laugh.

Jen, Huntington Learning Center